The negative impact on the health of addicted individuals

is devastating and ranges from short term memory loss to a deterioration in brain function, cirrhosis of the liver and a multitude of cancers. On top of this, alcohol is a key contributing factor in all violent crime as well as a major contributor to road deaths, serious injury, sexual assault and suicide. And it destroys families.

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India Rehab?

With a population of 1.24 billion, India is second behind China in terms of population. It is little suprise then that India has high addiction rates across the country in relation to Alcohol, Drugs & Prescription Drugs. Figures show that more than half of Alcohol consumers in India fall into the “hazardous drinker”. category & in certain areas of India it is estimated as much of 70% of youths abuse drugs and many of these become addicted. We have a centre in Maharashtra that specialises in addiction to alcohol and is waiting to help you today.

Don’t wait before it’s too late. Take the first step and speak to one of our trained counselors right now. We will be able to help and we truly do understand what you are going through.

Our service begins as soon as you contact us! We know what your going through. Contact us today at our Om Shiva Arogya Kendra: 02526-651444. We are waiting to help you help yourself! To read more about alcohol addiction & abuse click here.

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